I know that this Victoria/Best Man fight is taking up quite a bit of the finale but I just needed the pages to give it the attention I felt it deserved and I didn’t want to break it up (going back to Bluenoser) at this point in the fight.

Ottawa Pop Expo was fun. I know some of my friends were disappointed in the celebs who came out (and the cancellations didn’t help) but other friends were extremely excited about meeting some of them (John Barrowman in particular) so there’s just no way to make everyone happy I suppose. I ended up picking up some commissions from Francis Manapul and Marcus To. The smaller crowds (I’m hearing 7500) meant I got to spend more time chatting with them and had an easier time grabbing some art from them. Both were great to talk to and the resulting commissions were awesome.

Still recovering from that cold I mentioned a while back but getting a little better every day. It just won’t go away.