Updates every two weeks start now.

Also note that the voting for the Duck Awards is open. For some categories it only takes a few votes for a comic to be nominated and with all the ups and downs on the site I’m sure they could use the support so get out there and vote.

As for this page, my initial plans for Best Man’s return was to give him a large armoured suit. I decided at some point that I didn’t really care for hiding Best Man behind the suit so I went to armoured attachments. Then the armoured attachments seemed wrong to me as I figured they’d probably get ripped off at some point anyways. And that’s when I decided to just go with simple integrated energy pods. I wasn’t exactly excited about their look on this page and they’ll probably change slightly as the finale goes on so my apologies about that. But we now have Best Man and robots versus superheroes versus mummies, our finale is set.