The big news for this week is that I found a job and I start on Monday. I’m a little nervous but it seems like a very friendly place with great people. So I guess I won’t be needing to rely on my comic abilities just yet. 🙂 Though don’t worry, the Bluenoser will continue.

As for this page, I may have jumped into this page a little too quickly. I wasn’t really confident that I had Master Mummy’s look down 100% and I tend to avoid the night/dark scenes. I think as the page developed I got a bit better at certain things but I think some panels needed a bit more work. But with a webcomic every page can be a learning experience, right? But next week, it’s on to another “random” story. Yep, this was just a one pager. And this cemetary isn’t out of the blue, some of you may remember it was featured on page 8 of the “Preview”.