I should probably start by explaining this page. The next 20 or so pages will be a few short stories that may seem random but actually tie into a few things I’ve touched on already and are going somewhere (I promise). Anyway, I wanted to do one cover/break page for all of them but couldn’t come up with a good visual. So I decided just to throw some sketches together and call it a day. These sketches may or may not reflect what these characters will look like in the upcoming stories (but I will say that no, Master Mummy is not coming out of that guy’s head). And don’t worry about the art, though I will be trying a few tweeks here and there it won’t be like this page. Next week, the return of Master Mummy.

And i want to thank those of you who are suggesting I look to make a living through comics (either the Bluenoser or something else). It means a lot to me that you think that highly of my work. I’ll be honest, I have briefly entertained the idea of getting a “volume 1” printed up after I finish off this major story arch I have in mind (around page 120) but it would be a tough road with the small number of readers I have at the moment. And with all the great artists/comics out there that are struggling to survive I’m just not that confident that it would work for me. So for now I’ll focus on the job search while using some of my newly free time to build up a bit of a buffer of pages. Hopefully you’ll stick around and who knows, maybe one day there will be a Bluenoser volume 1 on your bookshelf.