So here we learn just how that voting from the last story went (for those interested in that) while at the same time seeing some good ol’ comic punching and kicking (for those who like some action). So don’t say I never gave ya anything! 😉

And as an aside, a personal story. When I was in the early stages of planning this comic I was having a tough time coming up with names for the characters. When it came to “the wife” I decided to go with my cousin for the first and middle name (making the character “Mary Ruth McKay”). That probably sounds weird but my cousin had recently been diagnosed with cancer so she was pretty much dominating my thoughts so I couldn’t look beyond that. The reason I’m bringing this up is that Mary was in town on the weekend (she lives on the east coast so I haven’t been able to see her in a while). She’s done all the surgeries and chemo, and is recovering well. So there’s a little behind-the-scenes story for ya as well.