I think it’s a combination of a few things (my not so great art, the lack of colour, and the fact that red pandas do look a little like raccoons) but technically “Agent S” is a red panda. Take a moment to google “baby red panda” and let the cuteness overwhelm you. “Pygmy marmoset” is another fun one.

With each page I feel like apologizing for the rush job. I was rushing to finish this one off last night. But as things don’t seem to be quieting down for me it looks like it’ll remain this way for a while. But at least I’m still updating somewhat regularly I guess and these last few pages haven’t been too bad. But I would have liked to polish a few things up like that change from the teen to Best Man in the last panel or showing a better angle of his bedroom with the “Best Man” posters (who has posters of themselves in their room anyways?).

But enough trashing myself, hope you enjoy the update.